Automobile & Touring Club of Nigeria (ATCN) is the motorsport governing body in Nigeria as the sole representative of the Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA). ATCN represents its sports (motorsport) and mobility operations in Nigeria. This means that ATCN is vested with the power to sanction all motorsport events in Nigeria in accordance with the FIA Statutes and regulations and also mandated to organize campaigns for Road Safety.

Since the establishment of the Club in 2009, we have been duly assigned various opportunities to carry out effective and productive campaigns in the different states of Nigeria and have had the opportunity and privilege to host the 3rd FIA African Sports Regional Congress at Transcorp Hilton in August 2017 in Abuja, where the future of motorsport in Africa was discussed and delegates were trained specifically on Marshaling and Motorsport Safety. The most current event organized has been the FIA Action for Road Safety in support of the United Nations Road Safety in May 2019 with the Theme: Save lives: Speakup under the FIA Mobility Arm. Whilst under the Sport Arm same year we participated in the Gymkhana International Prize, in Taipei, Taiwan.

Bamaiyi Ishaku

Founder ATCN

The Automobile & Touring Club of Nigeria (ATCN), was founded in 2009 by BAMAIYI, Ishaku Bamaiyi who is also its President. He is a graduate of Economics and Law from Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nasarawa State and Baze University, Abuja. He is also called to the Nigerian Bar.

He founded this Club with the aim of promoting tourism, campaigning for road safety and organising motorsport activities and championships from the grassroots level to the national, also creating opportunities for participation in international events.

The opportunity presented itself in 2019 and he led Team Nigeria to take part in the Gymkhana Prix in Taiwan.

He has selflessly organised different programmes for ATCN in a bid to acquire eligibility status as an affiliate to the FIA which in turn guaranteed the inclusion of ATCN, in 2012, to be affiliated with the world governing body for motorsport and motoring for the Mobility Arm of its operations in Nigeria. In 2018 it was delegated the motorsport power to sanction all motorsport activities including licensing of events and drivers for National and International participation (International and National Competition Licenses).

His competencies include route design, motorsport safety and marshalling, hillclimbing, also a specialist in Sports and being a brilliant lawyer when he has to practice law.